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Reflexology, also known as Reflex Zone Therapy is a non-medicinal form of treatment. Reflexology is all about mastering specific spots on the surface of the body, usually the palms or the soles. These spots are methodically pressed with a view to suitably influencing the internal organs of the body. Alternatively, Reflexology can be defined as a science of stimulating points (usually on the soles or the palms) which have a correspondence or a link with the internal organs of the body. Reflexology mains talks about Reflexology Chartwhich consists of foot reflexology and hand reflexology charts.

Reflexology Chart

My name is Barbara Williams and I’m a well known reflexologist in San Francisco, CA. I’ve been practicing reflexology from 13 years and have in-depth knowledge about Reflexology Charts. You can send me an email ( to clarify your doubts in any reflexology methods or practices. I’ll be always ready to help you out with my expertise and knowledge in reflexology. I also provide a personal coaching on reflexology and acupressure points. You can subscribe to my email list to get series of free information on Modern Reflexology.

Browse my website for more information about reflexology charts, benefits, techniques and treatment. Please browse all the categories to find the complete reference to reflexology.

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