Reflex Zone Therapy General Reactions – Effects After Pressure Treatment

People always confuse about the local and general reactions in a reflex zone therapy. These reactions will not tell you why do we have such amazing changes in our body after a reflexology treatment, but can surely give you a different experience after undergoing the treatment. These reactions are not found as of now, but are categorized into many different types. As we discussed about the reflex zone therapy local reactions in our previous article, today we will discuss about the reflex zone therapy general reactions. These general reactions are more specific and target oriented in our body. Let us find out the different type of general reactions in a reflex zone therapy treatment.

Reflex Zone Therapy General Reactions:

The Reflex Zone Therapy General Reactions are subdivided into, Immediate, Intermediate and Late reactions which gives a great experience to the patient after the pressure treatment.

Reflex Zone Therapy General Reactions

Immediate reactions: When a patient is undergoing reflexology treatment, they will feel the experience of well being immediately after the session. The patient can feel a pleasant warmth and relaxation experience during the treatment time. If the treatment is too vigorous, the patient might be experiencing pain, which is a different issue. But when the treatment is going smoothly, the patient will release his tension and soon falls into sleep. Sometimes the patient wakes up in short time and full much refreshed. These type of reactions are called as immediate reactions, and are one of the first reflex zone therapy general reactions.

Intermediate reactions: If the patient is not experiencing the immediate reaction, you might observe Intermediate reactions in his body after two or three days of treatment, These reactions encounter one or more of the following below reactions mentioned below.

  1. An increase in the urinary output.
  2. An increase in the bulk and, sometimes, frequency of stools.
  3. Occasionally, a feeling of mild pain and general malaise in the body, with or without fever.
  4. An increase in the activity of the skin, with increased perspiration, which is sometimes malodorous.
  5. An increase in the secretions from the mucous membranes of nose, pharynx and bronchi, signifying a cleansing process.

These are merely signs of a re-activation of body’s defense forces that are trying to eliminate toxins and waste materials accumulated in the body. These unpleasant reactions are purely temporary, do not permanently harm and, therefore, should cause no alarms.

Reflex Zone Therapy General Reactions

With the body progressively getting free of toxins, the above mentioned reactions rapidly diminish in intensity and ultimately disappear. It should be noted that such reactions do not necessarily affect each and every person. Indeed, many fortunate persons straight away start exhibiting the late or delayed reactions described below:

Late/Delayed reactions commence after the body has been rendered reasonably free of toxins. These comprise a restoration of homoeostasis (i.e. a return of bodily functions like temperature, blood pressure, respiratory rate, heart-rate, acid-base balance, etc., towards a state of normalcy or balance) and an increase in the body’s immunity (natural resistance) marked by a rise in the number of white blood corpuscles and titre of gamma globulin. There are many other benefits of this reflex zone therapy treatment which will be explained in our future posts. With its toxins eliminated and its immunity strengthened, the body is able to drive away the disease.

The above are the effects of Reflex Zone Therapy. Let us now take up the question of how these effects are produced in our next article. Please leave your comments on this article and let us know your opinion!


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