Acupressure Points to Enhance Your Concentration and Memory

Concentration and memory power are needed at any age and at any point of time. Whether you are preparing for an exam or trying to remember the directions on the map, memory is the most important factor. Both concentration and memory power go hand in hand to help you get the best results. Stress can be one of the major factors for losing concentration. Our brain keeps functioning all the time and at every point. To keep it focused and relaxed is the biggest challenge one can have. Even as you sleep your brain slows down but keeps performing its function. As you age all your body parts and organs seem to weaken. If you look back into your life, you will notice that a few years ago you didn’t need to keep reminders to wish your friends on their birthdays.

Acupressure Points for Memory and Concentration

Acupressure Points for Memory and Concentration:

Memory loss and unstable concentration can also lead to personal problems in life. Along with scoring poor marks, one can also start losing confidence and zeal to perform tasks. It is not too late now. Whenever you have a free hand massage your reflex points and you will notice a great change in your concentration and memory power.

Bigger Rushing:

The LV3 on the liver meridian has brought a great change into people’s life. It has worked out well for students who have been preparing for exams. Working on this point will help to relieve you from poor concentration and fatigue. It will also encourage clarity of thought and focus. This reflex point will also help in making major decisions in life with proper concentration.

Bigger Rushing reflex point

This point is found on the foot, where the big toe and second toe bones meet. Hold onto to this point gently on both the feet for 2 minutes. Repeat this 3 times every day for the best results. It is also valuable for treating exhaustion, headaches and eye problems.

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Third Eye Point:

Accessing the third eye point will help improve your concentration and memory. This point can be found directly between the eyebrows, where the forehead and bridge of the nose meet. Press this point for 3 to 4 minutes gently. Repeating it 2 to 3 times per day will uplift the spirit and clear your mind.

Third Eye Point Acupressure

Heavenly Pillar:

This pressure point is used to relieve stress, burnout, heaviness in the head and unclear thinking. It has also been used extensively for curing sore throats. It is found one and a half inch below the base of the skull, one and half inch away from the spine, on both the sides. This is marked point A in the given picture.

Heavenly Pillar

Place your index and middle fingers on these pressure points and massage them in circular movements for 7 to 8 minutes. Repeat it three times every day to get the best results. This point will relax your neck which will encourage better circulation to your brain.

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Sun Point:

The sun point can be found in the depression of the temples. It is around one and half inches away from the eyebrows. This will help to improve concentration and memory; it will also relieve you from headaches, dizziness and mental stress. Place two fingers on each of your temples and apply slight pressure for 2 minutes. You can do this 3 times every day for the best results.

Sun Point

Three Mile Point:

Just 2 inches below your kneecap and one centimeter away from the shinbone, you will find the three mile point. Move your foot up and down to check whether you are on the right spot, as a muscle will move under your finger. Press this point with your index and middle finger for 5 minutes. This pressure point will strengthen your mind and the body while gaining mental clarity. It will tone the muscles and also relieve you from knee pain.

Leg Three Mile Point

Middle of a Person:

This point relieves you from cramps, fainting, dizziness and memory loss. It also helps in strengthening concentration and memory power. Place your finger right in between the upper lip and nose. This is the middle of a person. Press this point firmly for a few minutes every day. It will be extremely effective if accessed for more than four weeks.

Middle of a Person reflex point

Gates of Consciousness:

The gate of consciousness point is found below the base of the skull. Place your fingers on the hollows on both sides about two to three inches apart (It depends entirely on the size of the head). Press this point gently for 2 to 3 minutes, do this 2 to 3 times every day. It will relieve you from poor memory, headache and also arthritic pain. It is very effective to improve concentration.

Gates of Consciousness

Effective Brain Point:

The brain reflexology point is found on the bottom of your big toe. The point to access the right side of your brain is on your left toe and vice versa. You can use your thumbs to massage this point. Sit down on your bed or chair and take your feet into your hands. Move your thumbs on the big toe, by trying to cover it entirely. Repeat the same procedure every day for one to two minutes. Spend equal time on both the toes. This will help to relax your brain and improve your concentration power.

Effective Brain Point

The above reflex points are simply great to use. You will notice the change in yourself within few weeks. It is very important to do them regularly. Eating healthy food will also be of the best benefit for you. Relax your muscles and clear your mind, don’t overload yourself with information. Practice these acupressure techniques and enjoy having a happy and healthy brain.

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