The Best Reflexology Foot Massage Machine – Top 5 Acupressure Tools

Looking to buy a best reflexology foot massage machine? Don’t worry, I will suggest you the best one within your budget. Please don’t invest your valuable money in buying unwanted treadmills and workout equipment which we never use. Even if we take some time, invest your money in trusted machines like Wonder, Beautyko, Carepeutic, Sivan, FootSmart and etc. These amazing foot massage machines are very well trusted and provide a great customer support. People love comfort, taking that as the pain point, a lot of products are launched in the market.

Reflexology Foot Massage Machine: Top 5 Products

Not all products are worth buying, you have to check out which one is best within your budget. Check out the below products which provide great quality and reasonable price.

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Irest foot and Calf Reflexology Massager

A very powerful machine to relax your ankles and foot. It provides great relief to your foot and calf muscles, so that you can have a peaceful treatment of legs. This machine gives you an amazing massage which can remove all your stress away. If you stay more hours on your feet, this foot massage machine is a goldmine for you. It can relax your every muscle and give your ankle a great pleasure to walk again. People usually gift this machine to their friends, family and relatives as a token of long lasting relationship. The amazing squeeze option in this machine will relax your ankle instantly.

You can also find a vibrator which will move your every muscle to give you maximum relief. This machine will cost you around $259.99 which is really affordable. Check out the pros and cons of the Irest foot and calf reflexology massager.

Pros: Reflexology Foot Massage Machine

  • Energize the tired legs and feet
  • Will recover your foot and calf muscles
  • Activate foot pressure points and get rid of tension
  • Can relax your calf, ankle and foot
  • Powerful vibration can penetrate your muscles deeply.


  • Can be little painful for weak ankle bones
  • Might not be suitable for skinny legs

Price: $259.99

FootSmart Acu-Point Therapy Foot Massager

This amazing foot massage machine has four air filled bags above the foot. This will increase the compression level and can apply pressure to your foot pressure points. This machine consists of total 192 acupuncture nodes, which helps to stimulate your body and to keep you healthy. The amazing 24 infrared lights will enhance your blood circulation. You can easily clean this machine with a peace of damp cloth, since it is a ABS plastic.  The massaging comfort comes in 3 different intensity levels and speeds. The foot pain relief, infrared heat therapy and improved circulation are the core benefits of this product.

Pros:Reflexology Foot Massage Machine

  • Three intensity levels and speeds
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Provides good pressure to foot
  • 192 acupuncture nodes
  • 24 infrared lights


  • Should provide little more pressure to feet

Price: $212.99

SPT AB-762R Reflexology Foot Massager

This foot massage machine is known for its elegant design and amazing foot massage. The vibrating plate will stimulate your foot pressure points and will give your body a great relief. It also stimulates the blood circulation and relieves tension. This budget friendly product is mainly used for reducing stress and pains in your feet and body. The machine doesn’t make much noise while switched on. And the amazing heat feature can push into the comfort zone forever.

The SPT AB-762R Reflexology Foot Massager !consists of 3 dimensional massage which vibrate to pressurize your foot sole, kneading the sides and amazing infrared heat.

Pros:Reflexology Foot Massage Machine

  • Elegant Design
  • Amazing foot massage experience
  • Vibrating plates to stimulate your foot pressure points
  • Good for blood circulation
  • Doesn’t make much noise
  • 3 Dimensional massage system


  • Rough modules

Price: $168.26

Deluxe Massage Wonder 8000A Reflexology Rolling Foot Massager

A very popular foot massage machine to get fast relief from stressed foot muscles. This machine can provide you great relaxation to your muscles. It comes with a 3 way speed setting mode, where you can set the low, medium, high speeds with 15 minutes massage intervals. The device will auto shutdown after 5 minutes of idle time. The intelligent massaging robot arms can give you the perfect massage you needed for your foot.

This machine is considered to be the most economical and high suggested model by many physicians. I personally love this foot massage machine myself. I use it whenever I go out for long walks and I suggest you to buy this machine if budge is your main concern. When compared this machine with a spa nearby, I found this device to be most amazing. Try it yourself and find the difference in the next few minutes.

ProReflexology Foot Massage Machines

  • Very popular design and model
  • Relaxes your foot muscles instantly
  • 3 different speeds to set the intesity
  • Auto shutdown after 5 minutes of idle time
  • 3 dimensional professional massage experience
  • Rolling motion experience
  • Quite and powerful


  • Strong massage

Price: $148

Beautyko Electropedic Foot Massager

This electropedic foot massager machine delivers highly effective massage experience with calm sound. The massage experience for your calves and feet will be highly effective and energizing. This set consists of a massager, four electrode gel pads with wire cable, a power adapter, 2 gel pad protectors, 2 interchangeable sole massager rollers, and a good user manual. The device consists of 10 preset programs with infrared function and sole massager. LED display, Auto off timer setting. This foot massage machine is very portable and allows you to carry it anywhere easily.

Pros:Beautyko Electropedic Foot Massager

  • 10 Preset programs
  • Auto off timer setting
  • Sole massager
  • Portability
  • Saves power, as it runs on batteries


  • Confusing gel pads usage
  • 60 days warranty
  • Limited battery power

Price: $99.99

These are the most amazing reflexology foot massage machines I suggest my clients. I hope you like my list and buy one for yourself. If you have any queries regarding these machines, do let me know via comment below.

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