Reflexology Training at Your Home – Best Reflexology Courses to Learn

Reflexology training can be practiced very easily with some basic courses and materials. It is one of the ancient practice to heal your body in a easy way, and be prepared to face the new era of reflexology with advance training courses and videos to improve yourself. Many reflexologists talk about the ancient history of Egyptians and their immense knowledge towards reflexology, but none of them focus about the recent trends which explain the modest way of practicing reflexology in less time. We all should know the important of science in reflexology, and practice accordingly to improve the knowledge in providing more value to people.

Reflexology Training at Your Home

Reflexology Training Courses

Check out the top 3 best selling reflexology training courses on in this below article, and I bet these courses will surely add a lot of value to your reflexology training. I personally use them from past 1 year to improve my knowledge in zone therapy, and have very successfully in providing amazing results in less time.

The Reflexology Atlas

Reflexology Atlas is a comprehensive guide to many different methods of reflexology. It provides amazing information about the reflexology treatments used for various health disorders. This course specially focuses on teaching reflexology to others, self and children in many extraordinary ways. The Reflexology Atlas will cover theĀ  hand, ear, head, foot and total massage techniques called Shiatsu.

Pros:Reflexology Training Courses

  • Quick and effective training course
  • Covers all body parts training
  • Easy solutions for back-pains, headaches
  • Refereed by many reflexologists all over the world


  • Bernard C. Kolster
  • Astrid Waskowiak


Reflexology And The Living, Loving Woman

This Reflexology training course is an educational video which demonstrates the basic reflexology techniques. This course aims to share high quality massage techniques which can help you to deal with popular health disorders. The DVD teaches you how to deal with headaches, stress, anxiety, heart diseases and many more disorders to keep you healthy and fit. The video was directed by Gillanders, who helped many people to understand the basics of reflexology problems in detail.

Pros:reflexology training course

  • Advance Techniques
  • Real actors and Director
  • High quality video lessons


  • Completely women Oriented
  • Talks more basic concepts initially


  • Ann Gillanders (Actor),
  • Robert S. Mills (Director)


Reflexology For Holistic Therapists

The Reflexology for holistic therapists book teaches you advance techniques with illustrated photographs and pictures. It contains amazing case studies, self tests, questions and puzzles to give you real time learning experience. This reflexology course can be used as a workbook which allows the students to improve their skills and in depth knowledge about the chakras and auras.

Pros:reflexology training guide

  • Advance reflexology techniques
  • Tests and puzzles to practise


  • Francesca Gould


These are the top 3 reflexology training courses you need to get. All these courses are completely transparent with great information

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