5 Effective Acupressure Points for Facelift to Look Younger

Spotting a wrinkle or a laugh line on your face can be flabbergasting, but you must also realize that you have earned those lines. But there is no harm in reversing the aging process, right? I mean who told you that you have to look your age? Giving yourself a facelift in a holistic way right at home is so much better. Acupressure will show you how to refresh and revitalize your face and all this without the side-effects or expense of a cosmetic surgery. Yes, there are acupressure points on the face that can work miracles on your face and turn the clock back in time.

acupressure points for facelift - youthful skin

That’s right, this facial toning program works on your facial muscles and actually tones your whole face. No need for needles, pain or expensive cosmetic surgery. Just like your body responds to working out, your facial muscles need your special care to release tension from certain parts of your face. You can smoothen out that laugh line or ease out the wrinkles and furrows. All this with the help of an ancient practice that has been healing people from time immemorial. It originated in China and has still managed to work its healing magic till today.

A natural facelift promises flawless younger-looking skin. If you massage the points twice a week, you’ll get faster results and a positive difference in a matter of days. While you are activating these acupressure points for a facelift, make sure you incorporate lifestyle changes too, such as the right food habits and exercise. All three together are a killer combination.

Acupressure for Face Wrinkles – How Does it Work?

Acupressure for face wrinkles focuses on providing balance throughout the body and increases the flow of energy, which is channelized along the 12 meridians. These meridians each are linked to particular organs of the body, such as the stomach, gallbladder, large intestine, and bladder.

facial wrinkles

According to ancient practitioners of acupressure, there are some factors that affect the meridians, making them clogged. Some of the reasons are poor diet, stress, dehydration, and other factors. All these factors can also lead to premature skin aging. Just put pressure on specific points on your face and open the pathways. This helps the blood circulation to reach different parts of your facial muscles, thus restoring vitality to each and every part of the face and the other vital organs.

How to Activate Acupressure Points on Face?

Just follow the guidelines and you’ll be able to activate the acupressure points on the face for best effects.

Use the balls of the fingertips or the palms of the hands and firm yet gentle pressure on each point for 10 seconds. Don’t pinch on the points, but be gentle on your skin. It may feel tender when you touch it, but this means you are activating the right points. Acupressure is a great combination of power and subtlety. Find a quiet place to work on the acupressure points.

Remember when you are working on the acupressure points, try to reach a calm state of mind breathing through your nose evenly. When you relax, these acupressure points work better. Try and silence your chattering mind and let go of the stress.

1. Start Toning Around Your Eyes

This is a superlative exercise to do away with crow’s feet and give your eyes a nice toning up. This acupressure point works on your gallbladder and also the liver, controlling the yang or the active meridian. There are many advantages of activating this point, it boosts collagen production, tightens the skin and also reduces the appearances of stubborn wrinkles on your forehead. Brighten your eyes with this versatile point.

toning your eyes

Place your middle fingers on the mid-portion of your eyebrows and continue to press on it for 10 seconds. Gently move your fingers right to the edge of your fingers till you reach your temples and press it for another 10 seconds. Then let your fingers rest under your eyelids for another 10 seconds.

Move to the inside corners of the eyes, forming a circle until you reach the edge of your nose. This position is not around your eye sockets but closer to the edge of eye sockets. Press this point for another 10 seconds. Continue to knead gently around your eyes for some time, at least eight times.

2. Cheekbones

Place your middle fingers on to your cheeks, placing it just below your pupils. Keep tapping your cheekbones in an anti-clockwise direction for 10 seconds at least.

3. Mouth

Next, move to the corners of your mouth and keep massaging it in an anti-clockwise way using gentle pressure and not pressing too deep on your mouth.

4. Upper Lip

Now, place the tip of your middle finger at the point right where you will find it between the tip of your nose and your upper lip and move it in slow circles for full 10 seconds.

5. Chin

Find this point between your chin and lower lip and massage the area for 10 seconds.

6. Lower Jaw

With the fleshy pad of your thumbs, outline your lower jaw with the fingers and move from the centre of your chin towards the outer side until you reach the outer points of your jaw joint. Continue to tap onto this point for a full 2 minutes till you move to the next point.

7. Hinge

Coupled with the stomach meridian, the hinge point is located on the lower edge of the jaw. This point is like a hinge that enables the relaxation of the jawline. Move two inches from the tip of your earlobe; that’s it, you have found your point. Find it by opening and closing your mouth. Press the point gently upward as you breathe through it all. Let your jaw relax and gently let go of the stress.

8. Base

Find this point at the nape or the base of the skull, where your spine is attached 2 cm (1 inch) out from either side of the spine. Press these points with your thumb tips. Remember to hold this point for 2 minutes.

This is an excellent point as it treats skin disorders such as acne, blackheads and so on, it also helps eliminate exhaustion, insomnia, eye strain, sore throats, and stiff necks.

9. Tapping

Tap onto your muscles at the back of your head, neck, and upper spine. Continue to do this till you feel the blood and energy flowing. You will experience a warm and fuzzy feeling. Move to your temples next, using your middle and index fingers. Continue to tap onto your forehead sides and outer portions of your eyes. Keep tapping on your cheekbones, reaching to the sides of your nose to your upper jaw, along with your hairline, easing your way to the top of your head. Keep tapping along the top of your head, from front to the back and outward reaching your ears. Do this for at least 30-60 seconds.

10. Energy Wash

Complete the acupressure massage with an energy wash. Keep your hands clean while you do so. Rub your palms against each other to create heat, feel the warmth emanating via the chi energy forms. Now, imbibe the warmth from your palms all over your face. Feel relaxed and energized as you do so. Move your hands upward, reaching your forehead and finally moving over your ears. Move your fingers back to the center till your fingers to your nose.

Next, do a sweeping motion over the eyes to the forehead, to your hairline, reaching over your ears and then finally towards your chin. Do this movement at least 10 times. Reverse the movement and repeat the procedure at least 10 times. This improves circulation in your face as it increases the blood flow.

Finally, move your hands away from your face and relax.

This facial acupressure technique helps tone, stimulates your face, and clears up your complexion and also reduces signs of aging.

Top Facial Acupressure Facelift Points

Acquaint yourself with the five important acupressure points for the youthful glowing skin.

1) Third Eye Point:

third eye pressure point

Find this point in the middle of your eyebrows. This point is exactly where the bridge of the nose meets the forehead. You can try the facial massage like mentioned above, you can also activate this point in isolation to reap of its benefits. This helps activate the Pituitary gland or the master Endocrine Gland. The third eye point helps improve your skin texture and enhances your skin quality.

2) Facial Beauty Point:

Acupressure Facial Beauty Point

Find the Acupressure Facial Beauty Point in the lower end of the eye socket. You’ll find this Beauty Point at the base of the Cheekbone on both sides of your face. Use your index fingers to activate the point for the better part of a minute. This is a great skin-stimulating point. For maximum benefits massage the point every day.

3) Three Mile Point:

Acupressure Three Mile Point

Impart a healthy glow to your face with the Acupressure Three Mile Point. This is located about 3 to 4 centimeters below your knee-caps on outside the shins of your legs.

4) Heavenly Appearance/Glow Point:

Heavenly Appearance/Glow Point

As the name implies, it imparts a glow to your face. Move downwards from your earlobe and reach below your jaw bones. Put pressure on the point for a few minutes and you will see a younger and glowing you in a few days.

5) Heavenly Pillar Point:

Acupressure Heavenly Pillar Point

Acupressure Heavenly Pillar Point is a stress-relieving point. Stress is the chief cause of aging. To activate this point at the backside of your neck below the head, apply gentle pressure for 2-3 minutes every day and you will find the stress ebbing away from your body and with that, you will see skin disorders, heaviness in the head, sleeping problems, eye-strain and exhaustion gradually diminishing.

Activate these points either in isolation or as full-blown massage to your entire face. Believe me, this is the one facelift that your skin is crying for; and to think the trick was always in your hands, rather in your fingertips! Time to gift yourself a Chinese Acupressure Facelift!


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