Why Reflexology is also called as Self Treatment from Heaven?

Self- treatment or self-help is very important if you plan to live a long and fulfilling life. A reflexologist can guide you through the path towards good health but ultimately it is up to you help yourself as armed with knowledge, intuition, heart you could help yourself towards health happiness and contentment. Our first instinct whenever we have any kind of illness is to rush to the doctor and bank on artificial treatment. We seldom think of self-treatment as one of the ways of healing techniques to wade us through the trying times of illness and ill-heath. there are several benefits of reflexology, which we need to explore to attain health and happiness. Let us get to know more about this treatment to help us in the long run.

]Self- Treatment Another Name for Reflexology]

Reflexology and its Myriad Benefits

If we delve into the realms of reflexology we would see that reflexology helps bring the body to a deep state of homeostasis and help the body recover by itself. Before you begin a bout of self-reflexology we can empower ourself with the knowledge of acupressure and its techniques as they are very important for self-healing. Any person who knows a little bit of acupressure can benefit from reflexology treatment.


An Ancient Treatment with Lots Of Benefits

Acupressure is regarded as a natural curing therapy which helps us to relieve various problems for the human body. Reflexology can help treat diseases which are not cured with conventional medicine or treatments. Arthritis, diabetes, migraine are some of the numerous diseases which benefit largely from Reflexology.

Reflexology just massages your foot

Popular Points for Self-Treatment

Identifying some acupressure points and applying pressure on those points regularly can help you get rid of the numerous symptoms which are deterrent to your enjoying a good quality of life.  A self –treatment of acupressure of three to five minutes can provide you with considerable relief. If you are gentle and don’t put pressure on those points it would release the energy flow which gets trapped on one side. Some points can only be pressed by the experts whereas some points can be pressed by a novice as well provided you know he points and the right technique to apply pressure on the points.

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Acupressure Points which are Most Popular

There are certain some points in the face, hand and feet which are known as the potent points, and pressing the same could give multitudinous benefits  like the following-

  • Between the thumb and the pointer finger is a very important point which is known as the hand valley point. Pressing on that point can give you relief from stress headache migraine toothache.
  • The base of thumb point can give you relief from persistent coughing etc.
  • The base at the palm is a very effective point known as wrist point it can give you relief from stress.
  • Reflexology benefits can also is found in Inner Gate Point. Three cm down the crease point of your wrist is the point where you can press effectively to get rid of nausea.
  • The Large intestine point can be found at the back of the elbow. Use another hand to locate the exact point by moving the finger to the exact position. Unnecessary waste and moisture can be eliminated by pressing on to this point.
  • Big rushing point which is located in the valley of the big toe and second toe. Pressing this point can help you get rid of a headache.
  • Above tears point which is situated on the webbing of the last two toes. A headache, arthritic pain can be eliminated with the help of reflexology treatment.

Acupressure Points which are Most Popular

  • Kidney one point situated on the sole of the foot could give you relief from a headache, dizziness, neck pain etc.
  • Ankle point is situated on the inner side of the leg above the ankle. It helps the digestive system, Appetite regulation and reduce the waste amount of the body.
  • The three-mile point which is located two inches below the knee cap on either side of the leg. For stomach ache and other digestive problems.
  • Commanding Middle points are located on the back side of the crease of the knee. Back stiffness, arthritis etc can be eliminated with the help of pressing on these points.
  • Abdominal sorrow point is located above the navel and below the last rib. Indigestion ulcer and in pain can be successfully rid off with the help of pressing these points.
  • The sea of energy point is situated gas lower back pain constipation.
  • Third eye point on the face is situated between the two eyebrows. You can get rid of A headache, hay fever, eye-strain, successfully with the help of pressing the third eye.
  • The drilling bamboo points at the ridge of the nose is an effective acupressure point is to reduce eyestrain, pain in eyes sinus pain etc.

Depression self-treatment or any kind of self-treatment needs proper understanding ad care to successfully deal with a number of diseases you have to endure every day. Self –treatment is often the answer when you are bogged down by a number of diseases and its distressful symptoms.

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