Everything about How Acupressure Can Help in Healing Hairline Fractures

Hairline fractures are also known as stress fractures, caused due to various reasons like fatigue, stress, trauma, injury or temporary swelling. Though switching to medications is a remedy but the world of acupressure creates a remarkable scope in treating hairline fractures. Acupressure is an ancient Chinese method of healing which stimulates the body at specific points known as pressure points. Acupressure for hairline fracture targets these pressure points and slowly heals the muscles and connective tissues that succumb to hairline fracture.

hairline fracture pain

What is Hairline Fracture?

Hairline fractures are caused by excessive wear and tear of tendons on bones. With growing age and fatigue the bone tissues lose their ability to regenerate new cells and produce strong bones. Hence bones develop micro cracks in the form of hairline fractures. Hairline fracture is also known as stress fracture Hairline fractures are hard to detect unlike normal fractures There are primarily two types of hairline fracture-

  1. Fatigue fracture- It is caused due to abnormal stress on the normally elastic bone.
  2. Insufficiency fracture- it is caused when there is stress on a bone that is deficient in minerals.

hairline fracture pain

Patients may sometimes feel a numbness at the affected spot added with some swelling. If the patient continues to exert pressure on the injured spots the condition of the fracture may worsen. Hairline fractures are actually tiny cracks in a bone resulting from over exertion over same muscles and bones, which results in stress fracture.

Some of the Main Causes of Hairline Fracture:

Hairline fractures often occur during high energy sports and the condition of the bones may worsen depending on the intensity and frequency of fitness regime. Let’s have a lowdown on some of its causes-

  • High impact sports

Hairline fracture is common in sportsmen who are involved in high energy level sports like soccer, tennis, athletics and rugby. Being always on the run, they are at a higher risk of developing stress fractures.

  • Increase in intensity of activities

Hairline fractures are common in people who have a sudden change in their daily activities. Take for example someone who has a sedentary job, and is not used to running errands. If such a person is given a sales job which involves lot of running around, then it takes a toll on his bones and muscles and there is a risk of hairline fracture.

  • Menopause


Menopause in women results in the thinning of bones and research has concluded that an average woman loses 10% of her bone mass within the first 5 years. Menopause will cause a drop in oestrogen levels which is responsible for maintaining bone strength in women. Due to this decrease in bone mass, it is at a higher risk of fractures, especially stress fractures.

  • Dancers

Dancers are often required to use the ball of their foot and ankles to rotate, which adds a lot of stress to the bones as it carries the entire body weight upon this. Coupled with requirements to turn and jump around, the intensity is amplified, placing the foot to be at an extremely high risk of hairline fractures and have to go for stress fracture foot treatment.

Symptoms of Hairline Fracture:

Hair line fractures do not occur all of a sudden. It is caused due to prolonged resistance to excessive friction or wear and tear of bones. A thorough awareness is required, before we get a heads up on the basic symptoms of hairline fracture which may surface as normal, but may aggravate if left untreated Let’s check out the hairline fracture symptoms.

hairline fracture symptoms

  • Gradual pain

Pain develops gradually in patients suffering from stress fractures. The pain is not similar to an ankle sprain whereby pain is present throughout. In some patients with higher pain tolerances, they may not be able to feel this pain at all, as the endorphins produced during excessive burn out of calories can hide it.

hairline fracture pain

  • Localised swelling

During injuries, our body’s immune system will kick in. Chemical signals are released by the brain to widen capillaries which will result in increased blood flow to the injured area. The white blood cells will then fight against any infection present. This increase in fluid causes swelling which is visible on the outside and can be relieved through the use of ice packs or anti-inflammatory medication.


  • Reduced pain when at rest

Another common symptom is the immediate reduction of pain experienced when at rest. This would mean that the injury sustained is not involving any muscle groups nor is it a major fracture. Patients suffering from hairline fractures will get immediate relief when they stop whatever activities they are doing.

  • Constant pain after continuous trauma

If a patient after surgery experiences continuous trauma then he is possibly suffering from a hair line fracture.

Acupressure for Hairline Fracture:

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese method of healing, which basically rejuvenates some of the body’s self-healing abilities. This ancient healing art, uses the fingers to gradually press key meridian points, which stimulate the body’s natural self-curative abilities. This 5000 years old technique works wonders using the power and sensitivity of the hand. Exploring body’s key meridian points, acupressure is helpful in the treatment of some chronic ailments like asthma, arthritis, depression, spondylosis and high blood pressure.


This remarkable therapy is also a great stress buster that enables sleep and deep relaxation. In short acupressure opens up all the clogged pores to channelize the body’s natural energy zone. It boosts the body’s immune system to a large extent. Acupressure for hairline fracture is one of the acupressure techniques, which slowly heal the muscles and connective tissue that succumb to injuries due to unlimited stress. 

Acupressure is an excellent remedy for curing hairline fractures. Usually patients of hairline fracture resort to strong medication to get relief from pain. Even if it may look helpful, in the long term it may take a dangerous shape, further deteriorating the bone healing process.

Bones which are not entirely broken into pieces and are still adjoined to each other by tissues can be cured with the help of acupressure.

Acupressure Points for Treating Hairline Fracture:

Acupressure works wonders on hairline fractures. They provide a steady flow of blood to the muscles so that the fracture is fixed as soon as possible. All you need to know is the specific acupressure points to treat them. We can achieve a great deal if we switch to hairline fracture treatment through acupressure. Here are some acupressure points for healing hairline fractures which work as a sure shot remedy-


  1. L 11- Large intestine- LI11 is located at one side of the elbow which is the exterior area of the arm. It can not only treat simple fractures but also provides relief from fever and skin diseases. Stimulate this point by applying mild pressure and then feel the difference.
  2. TW14 (Triple Warmer 14) – This acupressure point is located on the shoulder bone. Apply mild pressure with the help of your thumbs and then feel the difference.
  3. LU9 (Lungs 9- LU9 is another acupressure point, located at the thin crease of the wrist. It is in a line with the thumb and is good for repairing fractures near the arm. Hold the point with gentle pressure for 2 to 3 minutes.
  4. TW15 (Triple Warmer 15)-The Triple Warmer Meridian originates from the tip of the ring finger, by the outside corner of the nail, passes between the knuckles of the fourth and fifth fingers, on to the wrist. They are some acupressure remedies which repair hairline fractures over a certain short period of time. If you gently apply pressure on this point with your thumb every day then you can feel a sea change as the pain also disappears.
  5. SP6- This point is located 3 inches above the tip of the medial malleolus on the posterior border of the medial aspect of tibia. Gently push this pressure point for few minutes daily and feel the difference.
  6. Sp7-This point is located 3 inch above SP5, on the line joining the tip of the medial malleolus and SP 9. Apply mild pressure on this point with your thumb for few minute, 3 to 4 times daily and feel the difference.
  7. SP9– This point is located on lower border of the medial condyle of tibia, in the depression in the medial border of tibia. Like the rest of the above a light massage on this pressure point can have sizable effect and brisk recovery from your hairline fracture.

SP9 acupressure point

To get your life back on track and avoid having hairline fractures in future you can follow these precautions and keep hairline fracture at bay for sure!

  • Allow your bones to heal completely after injury.
  • Increase calcium and vitamin D intake.
  • Avoid running on hard surfaces.
  • Wear proper running shoes
  • Avoid using non-steroidal medications.

If we keep working on these pressure points, it only takes about 6 to 8 weeks for a hairline fracture to heal whereas a complete fracture takes around 6 months to heal. It is up to you whether you wish to sacrifice at most 2 months of your time to heal it completely or risk being out of the sport forever.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I make my hairline fracture heal faster?

To expedite the healing of a hairline fracture, it’s crucial to prioritize rest and care. By avoiding strain on the affected area, using supportive measures like splints or casts, applying ice to reduce swelling, and following a nutrient-rich diet, you can facilitate the body’s natural healing process.

What to avoid when a bone is healing?

When a bone is healing, avoiding activities or behaviors that might hinder or delay recovery is crucial. Avoid putting stress on the injured area, excessive movement, ignoring pain, poor nutrition, skipping medical appointments, smoking, excessive alcohol, non-prescribed medications, and premature resumption of regular activities.

How long does a hairline fracture take to heal?

A hairline fracture typically takes about 6 to 8 weeks to heal. However, the exact healing time can vary based on various factors, including the location of the fracture, individual healing capabilities, age, and overall health. It’s important to follow medical advice and give the fracture adequate time to heal correctly to avoid complications or delays in recovery.

How much rest is required for hairline fracture?

Rest is crucial for the healing of a hairline fracture. It’s recommended to avoid putting weight or stress on the injured area to allow the bone to heal correctly. The duration of rest required varies based on the severity and location of the fracture.

What can you eat with a hairline fracture?

Focus on a balanced diet rich in nutrients that support bone health and healing. Include foods high in calcium, like dairy products, leafy greens, almonds, and fortified cereals. Protein sources such as lean meats, fish, eggs, and legumes aid tissue repair. Omega-3 fatty acids in fish, nuts, and seeds can help reduce inflammation.


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