Massage your Feet to Get Relief from all Ailments! Try Acupressure!

All of us love a good foot rub! We can spend a lot of moolah to relax our tired feet and consequently our tired soul in a salon or spa. While most of us would like to think that a foot massage is a recent phenomenon, to calm our jangled nerves, it is not actually true. Foot massage can be dated back to 5000 years ago in Egypt and China when our ancestors. In as late as 1800’s Europeans coined the term reflexology applying person’s feet and hands to bring about a positive change in a person’s physicality. Foot reflexology is applying pressure to places which correspond to different parts of the entire body. It is system based on reflex areas and zones.

Massage your Feet to Get Relief from all Ailments

Principles of Foot Reflexology

This amalgamation of ancient art and science is based on a system of reflex areas and zones that comprise of twelve vital organs beginning from our foot to the top of our heads. A reflexologist stimulates the channel which gets blocked to restore proper functioning of the organs. Though reflexology is not on the same pedestal as western science, so it came to the United States of America pretty late, as late as the twentieth century. But gradually reflexology and foot reflexology has risen in popularity, matching to the current holistic trend. Today many countries including Denmark and the UK are endorsing foot reflexology and reflexology.

Reflexology just massages your foot

Benefits of Foot Reflexology

Your foot bears the brunt of a plethora of everyday hardships. The entire day is spent in standing running walking depending on your work and kinds of activity, you have to undergo. Foot massaging feels great and relaxing and we wouldn’t mind at all if someone gives a thorough rub at our foot, not to mention the relaxing effects it has on our body. Reflexologists claim that reflexology gives us numerous benefits. Some of the multitudinous benefits are as follows:

  • Cure minor ailments like cold and cough.
  • Prevents or Cures some major diseases.
  • A boost in your flagging energy.
  • A marked improvement in lymph and blood circulation.
  • Prevent niggling injuries.
  • Relieve stress, anxiety and pain.

Reduce Stress

  • Relieve pain from sharp pains stemming from chemotherapy.
  • Stimulation of internal organs.
  • Cures us of diseases that bother us the most like dysfunction of the liver, Irritable bowel Syndrome, skin allergies, constipation, and migraine or a chronic headache.
  • Helping pregnant woman to help with their feet and legs.

The benefits are not restricted to merely helping you with your physical problems but your mental state as well. When we eliminate stress from our lives we help our body eliminate the diseases which afflict us. So stress is the real killer and if we do away with stress completely with the help of reflexology we are helping our body reaches that state of complete relaxation and recuperation.

Foot Reflexology particularly helps diabetes

Diabetics suffer from numbness of feet, tingling and foot ulcer. Foot Reflexology can come to the aid of diabetics, by improving circulation and helping with neuropathy. Some patients are so relaxed that their spiking blood sugar level drops and this give them plenty of relief. A proper foot massage is extremely important to keep your vital organs in good condition. So massage your feet to give you’re the relaxing rub it deserves.

Reflexology Points to Control Diabetes

Incorporate a Fifteen-minute Ritual Every day to Relax your Tensed Self

Relax the feet by lightly slapping it and squeezing it or kneading it and bring it to a relaxing position. Finish it up by pressing and holding your thumb pressing on the solar plexus point of each foot. On the bottom of each foot make your fingers crawl from heel to the toe then flex these reflex points with the help of outer edge of the thumb or with the help of the forefinger. Press the following points on your feet to help your way to good heath.

  • By pressing the top of each toe, aids clear thinking and also help in positive thoughts.
  • Pressing the central of big toe balances the hormone secretions of all other glands.
  • Pressing the outer side of the big toe controls our pineal gland which controls our sleep cycle.

pressing the big toe

  • Kneading on the base of big toe balances controls our thyroid gland and helps in our metabolism.
  • Pressing our ridge of toes can help relax our shoulders.
  • Pressing our balls of the foot calms you and relaxes your chest and lungs.
  • Pressing the under ball of the foot in the center aids peacefulness and relaxation. It reaches up to the solar plexus and diaphragm.

Healing with the Help of Reflexology

Reflexologists claim that reflexology does not heal but it relaxes the body and elevates it to such a state that it heal and recuperates itself. So wind up with feet reflexology and transport your body to a state of mental calmness protecting it with an impenetrable sheath which would protect it from inflammation and diseases.

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