7 Important Myths and Misconceptions on Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology treatment is an alternative medicine practice where certain areas are identified and applying pressure on those points can give you relief from pain, increase circulation, reduce tension and provide a balanced internal energy flow. The treatment is based on the premise that certain areas in the foot are linked with organs glands and system throughout the body.

Bust Some Myths Surrounding Reflexology

Reflexology Foot Chart:

Reflexologists divide the entire body into two parts; the left foot represents left part of the body whereas the right foot represents the right part of the body. Reflexologists are able to predetermine the pressure point to gauge the source of pain which is plaguing the patient.

Reflexology Foot Chart

Skepticism for Reflexology:

Since reflexology is not rooted in modern science and it is bereft of any synthetic drugs or machines thus it does not come with the comforting idea of instant relief so many people are suspicious of the myriad benefits of reflexology. If we make attempts to make ourselves more conversant with the positive and negative aspects of reflexology and educate ourselves about reflexology treatment and who all would benefit from the treatment and who all should stay away then we would do ourselves a world of good.

Skepticism for Reflexology

Myth 1: Reflexology is scary as it hurts:

Reflexology can only hurt when there is no communication between the patient and the therapist. If you do not let your therapist know about your pain threshold the therapist would not be sensitive to your comfort factor. Age-old Chinese reflexology made us believe that reflexology can inflict pain and that’s the only way to heal. But modern practices has dispelled the myth, Science has enabled us to believe that relaxation helps to believe. Modern reflexology is a manifestation of this idea, in order to heal you must not endure pain, rather use relaxation as a vehicle to begin your journey towards health and recuperation.

Reflexology is scary as it hurts

Myth 2: Reflexology treats diseases:

Reflexology or modern medicine cannot cure you if you do not believe yourself that you can be cured. By eradicating stress and turning the body into a deep state of relaxation and homeostasis, reflexology recreates the ambiance in the body from where it can cure itself of the disease it was inflicted with. Your body has the propensity to heal itself and reflexology gives it a chance to relax and recuperate and convalesce.

Myth 3: Reflexology just massages your foot:

Reflexology intends to make you feel great which you do but there is more to it than that. Reflexology benefits exceed what we regard as plain relaxation. Massage influences the anatomy which includes the skeleton, muscles, ligaments, and tendons by invigorating those tissues by deep stimulation induces relaxation of the mind not to forget the physiology as well. So equating reflexology with a foot massage is sheer blasphemy.

Reflexology just massages your foot

Myth 4: Reflexology can diagnose my disease:

Reflexology cannot diagnose your disease certainly but it can bring your body to a state of healing for where your body starts to recuperate.

Myth 5: Reflexology is the latest fads:

Reflexology is not the latest fad which is capturing the mind map of thousands but it roots are steeped in Ancient India, Egypt, and China. In 1913 an American hospital consultant, Dr. William Fitzgerald discovered that there are reflex areas on the feet which are linked to areas of the body or organs of the body. In the 1930’s, a physiotherapist worked on the very notion and termed her method “reflexology”.

Reflexology is the latest fads.

Myth 6: The benefits of reflexology is restricted to the foot

Reflexology can be carried on the face, hands and even ears. Although foot reflexology is the most popular but hand reflexology can be taught to patients so that they can practice the same at home as part of their reflexology treatment.

Myth 7: Reflexology is not young patients, they won’t be able to take it:

Reflexology is suitable for newborn babies and also the elderly as well. Your age and health would all be under scanner when you would be undergoing treatment. The therapist would give only that amount of pressure as you are able to take and won’t exceed beyond that.

Reflexology for all ages

Centuries before man discovered a healing energy which traveled in the body in special pathways. This special force can be called life force or vital energy which can be felt by tapping onto 800 points on the body. The ancient philosophy like the Chinese foot reflexology perpetrates that a healthy body is a perfect balance of harmony inside the body. There must be an unmitigated of circulation of energy flowing to each and every part of the body.

This circulation free flows in the entire body and when it is obstructed in a particular area then the circulation becomes impaired. The oxygenation to that particular area is stopped and the body is thrown off kilter. This not only affects that area but also the areas surrounding it. Reflexology treatment can help heal the body and ensures that the circulation of the vital force of the body is again tapped to resurrect the body right back to its healthy state.

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