5 Best Acupressure Points for Kidney and Bladder Health

Our wellness lies in our feet and hands; as they are connected to certain organs of the body. All we have to do is apply pressure to the areas of hand and feet to offer relief to certain ailments. If you are experiencing pain in your kidneys and bladder, acupressure for a kidney may provide relief from these conditions.

Ancient Chinese Medicine

The Chinese medicine theory regards incontinence to be a disruption of energy or Qi. As “gates,” (to get rid of toxins) the bladder and the anal sphincters require the right amounts of energy for proper functioning. Urinary incontinence is usually a result of a number of problems such as kidney energy. The healing power of acupressure and acupuncture treatments is one way of sorting the kidney Qi. Also, the points around the bladder meridian should be stimulated to help control the urine flow. The spleen has a big role to play in the transportation and transformation of fluids and foods and helps in the development of the body’s muscles. The stool elimination is directly linked to muscle function, so if you want to get rid of fecal incontinence, you must target the spleen.

acupressure points for kidney

Millions of people suffer from kidney disease today and the sad part is there are many people who are at increased risk for getting it, and most do not have a clue about it. Like all diseases, you can stop Kidney disease from getting worse. Early detection can help prevent the progression of kidney disease, leading to progressive kidney failure. Acupressure for a kidney can turn out to be an answer to kidney related diseases. You can use this in conjunction with other related holistic practices to initiate healing and cure.

The Importance of Kidney in our Body

The kidneys perform a very important role in our bodies as they eliminate toxins. They cleanse your blood and get rid of waste and excess fluid, maintaining the balance of salt and minerals in your blood, besides maintaining the blood pressure level. As the kidneys get damaged, more and more waste products and fluid accumulate in the body. It leads to various health problems such as causing swelling in your ankles, vomiting, poor sleep, weakness, and shortness of breath.

Kidney and bladder health

There are acupressure points for kidney on your hands and legs, which help remove toxins. You can just press the points for kidney disease in both hands and legs, to initiate the recovery process. If you are suffering from chronic renal failure, you should practice acupressure along with other treatment options such as medicines and proper medical advice.

Chronic kidney failure can lead to other more chronic conditions such as chronic kidney failure, increasing the requirement for artificial filtering, dialysis or in worst cases, a kidney transplant.

In acupressure, you apply manual pressure on specific points. When you use needles to stimulate the points, the treatment is known as acupuncture. An acupressure practitioner stimulates a number of points on the foot, ankle and around the second lumbar vertebrae for at least three to 10 seconds, to begin with at a time, then extending to a period of 15 minutes to an hour.

Acupressure for Kidney Disease – Important Pressure Points

When you are treating kidney disease, the first thing your practitioner will start off with is:

The kidney point 3 – It is located near the inner ankle bone that improves the kidney Qi. This treats frequent bouts of urination and constipation.

kidney point 3 - acupressure points

The kidney 6 point – The acupressure point help sort out the bladder control issues. You’ll locate this point below the inner ankle bone right between the two tendons that you’ll find when you flex your foot.

kidney 6 point - acupressure points

The Kidney 7 point – Locate the Kidney 7 point 2 inches above the ankle bone and it is aligned with kidney 3. This point alleviates the fecal incontinence because of diarrhea or dysenteric disorders.

Spleen point 6 – Locate this point 3 inches above your ankle bone. This point helps strengthen the spleen qi and alleviates conditions such as flatulence, diarrhea, and runny stools.

Spleen 6 points - Acupressure points

Conception vessel 4 point –Another point effective in treating kidney problems is the conception vessel 4. This point is located 3 cun below your belly button. It propagates multiple benefits such as improving kidney function, strengthening muscles, and spleen energy that combats with fecal incontinence.

Conception vessel 4 point - Acupressure points

You’ll find these four Kidney acupressure point on the inner (medial) ankle. Each of these points helps deal with localized ankle pain. Each point alleviates local ankle pain. Know all about the points here.

  • Kidney 3

Location: Find the location around the medial (inside) surface of the ankle. The Level is around the high point of the medial malleolus or what is commonly known as the inner ankle bone and is more towards the Achilles tendon.

Benefit: It nourishes the Kidney organ system and integrates Life Force.

  • Kidney 4

Location: Find this point on the inner surface of the ankle It is at the front edge of the Achilles tendon and right below the Kidney 3 acupressure point.

Benefit: This point helps ease away the emotion that is linked to the Kidney Organ System or fear.

  • Kidney 5

Location: Find this point on the inner surface of the ankle. It is just below (one cun) below the surface of the ankle.

Benefit: Harmonizes menstruation cycle

  • Kidney 6

Location: Find this point on the inner surface of the ankle. This is located right below (one cun) the high point of the medial malleolus.

How to balance the Kidney Yin by Activating the Kidney Acupressure Points.

The Kidney is known as a Yin Organ and it is also Yin in nature. Whenever you think of Yin acupressure points, you can follow the below guidelines.
1. Touch the point with a feather touch.
2. Increase the pressure but maintain a quiet energetic field within yourself.
3. Focus on the point and gradually sink into it.

Acupressure for Bladder

Incontinence is a condition, where you experience loss of bladder or bowel control. It usually bothers older adults, it can also disrupt your daily life. Research shows that acupressure for bladder may complement other conventional treatment protocols.

An acupressure point that treats inconsistency is Pangguangshu or Bladder 28. These points are particularly effective in treating chronic conditions.

The Bladder points treat painful, difficult, hesitant and frequent urination. Usually, these points are linked with an enlarged prostate condition. Apart from that it also treats cystitis, which is a result of inflammation of the urinary tract, usually caused by infection. The effect of Pangguangshu extends to the genitals and treats conditions such as pain, swelling, or itching.

The Bladder 28 is extremely effective in treating lower back pain as well as pain or stiffness in other areas such as the sacrum, coccyx, and buttocks. You can combine the kidney pressure points on feet along with bladder acupressure points.

Considering the psycho-emotional level, stagnation in the Bladder is difficult to manage one’s resources and reserves. This causes a feeling of urgency and anxiety about life, which leads to a tendency to combine effort and willpower to remove obstacles in the way.

Acupressure helps unblock meridians using gentle yet firm pressure on certain points along the energy lines, called acupoints. In response to this pressure, the brain releases endorphins, these are chemicals that snub pain signals and incite pleasurable feelings. When there is no pain, muscles relax and blood flows more freely. As tension minimizes, the body finds balance and harmony.

Location of Bladder 28

The Bladder 28 point, is 1.5 cun lateral to the midline located at the level of the second sacral foramen (hollow). Reach to the top of the sacrum and drop two fingers width below this and two finger width lateral to find the point.

Bladder 28 points

Infographic : Best Acupressure Points for Kidney and Bladder Health

Infographic Best Acupressure Points for Kidney and Bladder Health



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