7 Most Important Acupressure Points to Cure Ankle Pain

Pain in the foot can be caused due to a lot of strain on the feet, too much of sitting or standing, repetitive motions and fatigue. There are many different treatments that you can try to experience relief from these pains. One of the best methods to cure ankle and foot pain is the Chinese medicine-acupressure. The acupressure points will release endorphins which will help in reducing the pains. You can access these pressure points by yourself or you can ask a friend to help you. These pressure points will definitely help in relaxation of the foot muscles.

Acupressure Points to Cure Ankle problems

Mostly pressure on the feet will affect the ankles. Pain in the ankles is sometimes unbearable. To relieve the stress and pain in the feet and the ankles try these simple pressure point techniques.

Acupressure points (hollow)

This acupressure point will help to relieve ankle sprains, sciatic pain, swelling and other kinds of ankle joint problems. It can also relieve you from frustration, irritation and will help in making wise and good decisions. This acupressure point can be found on the inner side of the ankle bone. It is in the large hollow beside the ankle bone. With the help of your index finger press this point, release after every 30 seconds. Press the point for 30 seconds and then apply more pressure for the next 30 seconds. Do this for 8 minutes. You need to breathe deeply while doing this.

Illuminated Sea

This pressure point can be found on the inner side of the ankle. It will help to relieve swollen ankles, stiffness around the ankle and other kinds of ankle pain. Place your thumbs 1cm away from the ankle. You need to apply pressure with both the thumbs on both the pressure points simultaneously. Do this for 2 minutes every day for better results.

Illuminated Sea

High Mountains

This pressure point will help to relieve thigh pain, lower back pain, rheumatism in the foot joints, swollen feet and ankle pains. You need to place your thumb between the outer ankle bone and the Achilles tendon. Press this point for 5 minutes by releasing the pressure after 30 seconds. You will experience great relief by following this procedure at night every day. You can even try this twice or thrice every day to experience faster relief. Pressing this point with pressure will cause your muscles to relax. It will increase the blood flow in your feet. You need to repeat the same procedure with the other leg as well.

high Mountains

Calm Sleep

This point can be found in the indentation directly below the outer ankle bone. This hollow is a pressure point which will help to relieve insomnia, ankle pain, heel pain and other general foot pains. Hold this point with the help of your index finger and massage it in circular motions. You will experience relief from all the mentioned problems within a few weeks.

Wrist Point

You will find this pressure point right in the middle of the wrist line. Place your thumb in the centre of your wrist and apply pressure continuously for two minutes. This point will help in the reduction of ankle pain and other kinds of ankle problems. You need to follow this procedure every day and make sure you don’t press this point too hard.

Wrist Bone

This pressure point is located on the upper side of the wrist; you will find a prominent bone on this side. It is shown as point B in the given picture. Press this point for 4 minutes. This point will help to reduce the pain on your feet and ankle.

Ankle Massage

This massage will help to reduce pain and swelling in the ankle. It will also help to boost the energy in your feet. Place your thumbs on the hollow under the ankle on the inner side. Press this hollow point continuously for 4 to 5 minutes. Thumb walk this area for another 2 minutes. This massage will stimulate all the pressure points in this area and it will relax your feet muscles to the maximum. You need to rub gently and find sore areas near your ankle. These sore areas need to be focused on more. This great massage will give you relief instantly.

Though feet and ankle pain is common it should not be neglected. If left untreated, this pain can increase and also weaken your bones. You need to take very good care of your feet as they carry your weight. In case you have severe or stinging pain in your feet get it checked by a Doctor. Do not try these acupressure points in case you have a fracture in the bone or rupture in the muscle.

You can also soak your feet in a warm tub of water. This will relax your feet muscles and maximize the effect of these points. Avoid straining your feet and staying in one particular posture for a long time. Take care of yourself and stay healthy.

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