Facts: Can Reflexology Cut Down That Extra Belly Fat?

The eternal battle of the bulge occupies our mind space than anything else in the world.  And we are always striving hard to shed that extra pound which poses some serious health problems for us. Though you can shed a lot of weight with the combined efforts of diet and exercise but the belly fat usually is the last to go. Just when we thought we had tried every trick in the book, and we feel disgusted at the fact that our measuring tape isn’t relenting in terms of dropping those extra inches. Yes, those extra inches refuse to budge. Right, when we thought that we can’t help doing anything about it! Reflexology comes to our aid.

reflexology to lose belly fat

Reflexology to Your Aid

You have delved deep into every fitness book, browsed hard to find some solutions to your niggling problem. You want to wear those jeans, which fit you like a dream some years before but now all they do is reveal the ugly fat on your stomach! Hideous to look at right? We have had heard this umpteen times how proper rest and relaxation is a stepping stone towards success, that is eliminating belly fat. But given the frenetic pace of life and the additional stress that is an unhealthy by-product of modern day lifestyle, we must ensure that we learn to relax. Reflexology helps you to unwind and relax and that is indeed the first tentative step towards your big goal! Burn Belly Fat!

reflexology for weight loss

Reduce Stress and Pressure Points which would Boost Metabolism

Reflexology helps us to relax and recuperate as the deep massaging gives a positive effect on our organs and glands by stimulating the reflex points of ears to face hand and feet. The effect of massaging is so calming that just by stimulating the areas by pressing on those areas with the help of our thumb and index finger we could stimulate thousands of nerve endings, elevating our body to a state of calmness and relaxation.

Reduce Stress

Why to Massage your Hands and Foot

The first question that comes to our mind is what is so special our hands and feet that would solve our myriad health problems just by massaging our foot, hands, and face.

  • All the major acupuncture points lie in the hands and feet. These are the easiest locations to stimulate the energy and subtle flow of the acupuncture meridians.
  • The skin is thinnest at the tips of the feet and hands. This makes it easy to influence the energy flow that travels through these meridians.

Massage your Hands and Foot

  • The fingers and toes are linked to the nervous system and brain. The brain being the master controller of bodily functions. So working on these reflexes can influence these and heal the body effectively.
  • Just by rubbing some potent points can help you relax and energize your entire body. The technique is easy enough to adopt and implement.
  • The method involves touching and just by removing your shoes and socks you can help your body move into a deep sense of relaxation.

The Points to Massage

  • The outside area of the big toe – hypothalamus part of the brain that takes care of appetite and thirst.
  • The center of the big toe  – The master gland that is the pituitary gland which controls the hormonal secretions of the body.
  • The bottom of the big toe – the thyroid gland which takes care of the thyroid gland.
  • The under-ball of the foot – diaphragm or solar plexus, massaging that area can reduce stress.
  • The inner edge of the foot at the center soul – adrenal glands provides energy when you are slogging it hard to burn off the calories and eliminate belly fat.
  • Near the bottom of the foot at the center soul. Deeply massages the nerve endings which conjoins the colon and intestines of the digestive system. Coerces elimination and helps reduce bloating which troubles us most when we are on a mission to lose belly fat.

Digestive upset and how it stops from achieving a flat stomach

Digestive issues could be a deterrent in getting that flat stomach which you always hoped for.  Instead of plaguing yourself  by constantly asking yourself the question how to lose stubborn stomach fat? A few sessions with a reflexologist can help you begin that journey towards a healthier you by incorporating massaging to burn belly fat. We must begin with the spinal twist by pulling at the knees and popping the toes of both feet. This is to begin the relaxation process and the energy flow should start flowing across the whole body.

stomach reflexology

Now gently rub both feet to prepare your body to rest and prepare for the forthcoming therapy. Start rubbing the central area of the bottom of both feet. If we can spend at least, five minuites on this specific area on each foot, we would feel the benefits. Finish by rubbing the top bottom, around the ankle bones and the sides. This could benefit your digestive tract to a great extent.

This is indeed fascinating science and if you want to be the panacea of your own problems like to lose belly fat you can incorporate reflexology into your own life, a therapy not only for your toes but your entire body.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can reflexology help with weight loss?

Reflexology aims to balance the body’s systems and promote better digestion and metabolism by targeting specific pressure points on the feet, hands, or ears. For effective weight management, combining reflexology with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and other healthy lifestyle choices is essential.

how to lose belly fat by massage

Massage alone isn’t a direct method for losing belly fat, but it can complement a healthy lifestyle by improving circulation, reducing stress, and aiding relaxation. Cardiovascular exercises, strength training, and maintaining a calorie deficit are critical in reducing overall body fat, including the abdomen.

Can you use reflexology to lose weight?

It focuses on stimulating specific points on the feet, hands, or ears to balance the body’s systems, but it’s not explicitly aimed at shedding pounds. For effective weight management, including weight loss, combining reflexology with a comprehensive approach, a balanced diet, regular exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices is crucial.


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