4 Acupressure Points to Treat Sciatica Pain – Largest Nerve

If you are suffering from sciatic pain, then this post is just what you need. Sciatica nerve pain is characterized by radiating pain, tingling, or numbness along the sciatica nerve. You’ll find this nerve starting from your lower back, going through your butt and down towards the back of your legs, reaching to your feet. The sciatica nerve is, in fact, the longest nerve in your body! And the pain is crippling for most people, affecting their day to day life.

sciatica nerve pain acupressure points

Sciatica pain causes range from injury and disease, to even pregnancy. There are things that cause degenerative discs, herniated discs, or any type of injury that makes the vertebrae to slip out of alignment and puts pressure on the sciatica nerve. In some cases, even pregnancy can cause sciatica pain as the growing fetus puts pressure on the lower back. So, is there any respite from this unbearable pain? Yes, there is. In some cases conventional treatment may not prove to be as effective as some of the more holistic approaches. Let’s find out what the Western treatment offers in this treatment.

Sciatica Pain Relief – The Western and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach

According to the Western perspective, pressure on the nerve equates pain along the nerve. Conventional treatment involves suppressing the pain or alleviating the pressure on the nerve in some cases.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Approach

The Chinese Medicine perspective is much more holistic in nature. Have you wondered why someone is more susceptible to degenerative or herniated discs?

Sciatica is a weakness in the body constitution that is linked to the Kidney meridian. According to Chinese medicine, it is said that the kidneys help control the bones.

According to the Chinese Medicine perspective, the sciatica nerve pain treatment is more than focussing on just the organ but also links it with the energy meridian; its yin and yang elements, and for the Kidneys, focuses on the Kidney Jing. King Jing is synonymous to life force energy. When this becomes weak, the body is susceptible to the type of misalignment that leads to sciatica pain.

Holistic healing is not all about treating the condition per se, it is also about strengthening the Kidneys and boosting the mechanics and energy of the body. A person’s life force becomes low because of how they lead their lives and how it impacts their past, present, and future. Ailments are actually the manifestation of our choices, our beliefs and negative feelings affect our bodies in a negative way. Fear sometimes stops us right in our paths and inhibits us from taking a step towards the future. Sciatica is also a condition which halts our progress and stops us from progressing towards the certainty.

Acupressure for Sciatica – Sciatica Nerve Pain Relief 

Acupressure points or “acupoints”, as they are more commonly called are specific locations on the meridians that help regulate the flow of energy. When we massage these acupoints, we reset the stalled energy, flowing freely again. As soon as the energy starts flowing, the pain ebbs away. Massaging acupressure points has the potent power to relieve sciatica.

sciatica nerve pain syptoms

Acupoints are given a name according to the meridian they are located on. For instance “GB 30” point is actually the acupoint Gallbladder 30. 

How to Massage Acupoints – Acupressure Treatment for Sciatica 

Massage the acupoints to help ease off the pain associated with sciatica. Continue to apply gentle and circular pressure to these points. When we say gentle pressure, we mean gentle pressure and not cause additional pain to the area. How do you determine the right kind of pressure? Well, the only way to apply pressure is to find out the pressure that feels right. You will feel a sensation in the area but no pain. Whenever you apply pressure on the area, ensure that you continue to build a sense of relaxation with gentle and normal breathing. You may not get it right at the onset, but continuous practice will help.

1.Urinary Bladder 23

acupressure point UB23 - Urinary bladder 23

This point is also known as kidney tonifying point; acupressure point UB23 is one of the most essential acupressure points, which is apt for lower back pain. Stimulating this UB23 offers lasting relief from lower back pain as it reduces the muscle tension, and when you do it right it feels amazing. Press this point with apt pressure and hold the pressure for at least 60 to 90 seconds. Repeat as often as necessary. Either do it on yourself or ask somebody to press the points for you, this will enable more relaxation.  You’ll be able to relax into the treatment much better.

Locate this point: You can locate this point on the bladder line. The bladder line is positioned at the middle of the waist, the intermediate point that is between the rib cage and the hip bone, which you will find on either side of the inner edge of the muscle group around your spine, known as erector spinae.

2. Gallbladder 30

Gallbladder 30

Gallbladder 30 is the essential focal point that helps treat lower back pain and releases the tension which you feel on the lower back and hips. GB30 helps release pain from the lumbar spine (the lower part) such as the hips, legs, and helps boost overall circulation.

Locate this point: Find this point on a tender spot on the buttocks. It is one-third of the way from the top of the highest point of your butt crease to the hip point. Draw a line between the two points and divide it into thirds; you can locate this point in the first third, lying outside of your buttock.

3. Urinary Bladder 40

Urinary Bladder 40 or UB40 acupressure point

The Urinary Bladder 40 or UB40 acupressure point is a potent acupressure point that treats all major pain sensations along the spine. You’ll have to stimulate this point on both legs and help get rid of the stiffness and lower back pain but treat all the major pain sensations caused by sciatica. The UB40 acupressure point is an extremely versatile point as it helps treat other conditions such as controlling muscle spasms, knee stiffness, arthritis in some of the surrounding areas, leg pain, and also helps dissipate the heat trapped in the body.

Locate this point: This point, also known as the “Middle Crook,” is located right in the middle of the crease in the back of your knee.

4. Urinary Bladder 62

Urinary Bladder 62, also known as the “extending vessel”, helps release the lumbar tension and stabilize the spirit mind. This point not only helps treat back pain but also soothes anxiety caused by acute back pain. All the lower footpoints are in fact a great way to treat back pain and hence Reflexology, in particular, is a very effective way to treat lumbar spasms.

Locate this point: Locate this fleshy depression right under the lateral or outside ankle bone. Stimulate this on both feet and then carry on massaging this point firmly underneath the feet right along the arches as it helps relieve the stiffness along the spine and opens up the range of motion that cripples your movement.

These acupressure points for sciatica nerveneed time and patience to master and then administer fruitfully. If you are experiencing crippling pain around the spine and legs or any of the other sciatica symptoms, treat it with acupressure points for back pain and get lasting relief.

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