6 Best Acupressure Pressure Points to Cure Tonsillitis

At the sound of the reflexology word, we get scared of the idea that we would be subjected to the pain and prick of needles. The very idea is downright scary to us. We imagine lots of needles being pricked on our bodies, and if the treatment is so scary we cannot even think of the consequences of the same. But reflexology is not all about needles. We must delve deep into this ancient practice and learn about the various practices which could help healing, or make the body reach the state where the body can heal itself. Learn something about these acupressure techniques which could help you combat with small but niggling health issues which could be a deterrent to leading normal lives. There are several benefits of reflexology which we need to look into for keeping our health in prime form!

A cure for tonsil Six Pressure Points to do Away with the Lump in your Throat

Tonsillitis, a Recurring Problem

Tonsillitis is a recurring problem. The changing season and growing menaces of certain viruses can pose problems for us and try as we might we are unable to protect us from the attack of these unforeseen viruses. We are unable to have anything cold; also on top of that, we have difficulty in swallowing different foods. The regularity with which tonsillitis hit us is rather nerve-racking. So we must consider other alternative therapies when regular medications fail to cure us or provide us with some relief. Strep throat is in fact, a bacterial infection which needs the help of antibiotics.

Tonsillitis, a Recurring Problem

Symptoms of Tonsillitis

Symptoms of tonsillitis are hard to ignore. Most often they are accompanied by fever and cold and cough. Usually, the pain in the throat causes irritation and no amount of gargling can help when the infection hits the roof. While sipping on warm drinks can help alleviate the symptoms somewhat, it is temporary and does not provide lasting relief. So, what is the treatment of tonsillitis to consider?

Symptoms of Tonsillitis

Acupressure Treatment

Acupressure treatment is a wonderful treatment which could help you with the symptoms and also provide you with some welcome relief. It is best if you learn the acupressure points from an acupressure specialist. So what are the throat pressure points to consider helping with the lump in your throat? The following pressure points can help you with your strep throat considerably.

  • Inside of elbow: with the help of your left-hand press some points on the right hand just at the inside of your right elbow and press it for twenty-five
  • The back of your knees: Pressing on the back of your knees can help you with your tonsillitis to a great extent. With the help of first two fingers press on the crease of the back of your knees. A good twenty to twenty-five seconds can provide the requisite relief. But do not try it if you also suffer from varicose veins.


  • Pressure on your thumbs: With the help of your left thumb press on the part just where your thumbnail ends with a good amount of pressure for twenty-five seconds and you would see results gradually.
  • Just under the nail of your second toe is a good place to press, just at the furthest point of your left Press it for twenty-five seconds and you would find it a welcome relief.

Keep Tonsillitis at Bay

Tonsillitis Cure is now literally at your fingertips is the slight massaging at potent points can help with your problem and, what’s more, you can stop it from recurring again. But it is necessary to continue with the treatment and not stop when you get considerable relief.¬† You could only feel the effects of lasting relief if you keep on practicing this age old practice.



You can learn the treatment from an experienced practitioner who could help you with the correct pressure points and the time you need to devote at each pressure point to cure yourself of the particular ailment or help you shake off the particular symptoms of the particular disease. It is a fascinating science and once you stumble on to its rich resource you would not be able to steer yourself from its vast wealth of knowledge and healing.

The first step, in reflexology, is to bring your body to a deep state of relaxation and let your body be totally free of stress only then your body would push to be in that state that could cure you of those diseases which afflict your body with stress and diseases. Massage your lymph systems to rid yourself of the accumulating toxins and when you get rid those toxins you would gradually free yourself from the diseases that plague your body. Give your body the right balance it deserves and acupressure treatment helps you to achieve that perfect balance. The balance of not only body but also mind. So give yourself the holistic treatment which is not only steeped in history but also, a healthier alternative to modern medication bereft of any side-effects.

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