Best Acupressure Points To Treat Diarrhea for Immediate Relief

Diarrhea is an ailment where you need immediate relief. The recurring of the symptoms of this disease can make you feel uncomfortable and you do your best to seek some respite from these symptoms. So what do you really do when you get afflicted with diarrhea you pop some pills, the minute you get your hands on them. Right? But do you get relief from it immediately? There are ample chances of it getting back and creating trouble in your carefully concocted life. So what is the treatment of diarrhea you should consider bringing some solace in your scheme of things? There are many benefits of reflexology and it can also provide you substantial relief from the symptoms of diarrhea.

Reflexology to the rescue of diarrhea. Activate your pressure points.

Alternative Therapy

When you are really down in the dumps with an attack of diarrhea you try and unravel some alternative therapy to get some relief from it. A few pointers to heal your gut could be a fairly good idea to help you ease off some of the symptoms which spell out trouble for you.

attack of diarrhea

  • Feed your gut some good bacteria like the  – The the proper balance of essential and harmful bacteria in your intestinal tract can provide you with a healthy gut. But as soon as the balance in the intestinal tract gets disrupted you have an infection troubling you or stealing your slumber. We have to ensure to keep the beneficial bacteria at the optimum number to preserve a healthy gut. If we keep bothering ourselves with the question how to treat diarrhea. Eating fermented food like yogurt and kefir buttermilk whey could be the right step towards that direction.

Feed your gut some good bacteria

  • Replenish with some Supplement – The best way to replenish the good bacteria in your gut is by giving yourself the benefits of a supplement. The best supplement to use could be a combination of lactic acid. This supplement could help you with the same benefits that a natural food like yogurt can give you.
  • Close the valve called Ileocecal – This valve situated between the two intestines small and large. It acts as a door which serves as a door to stop the toxic waste from going back from the small intestine to the large intestine. It also stops the food from going into the large intestine before it is properly digested. Diarrhea is caused when this small valve does not close when it should. A cure for diarrhea can be recommended when efforts can be made to find out the reason behind this malfunctioning of the valve. Spicy and rich foods can be one of the reasons. Stress can also be a trigger. Sometimes operating out the appendix can be another reason for the valve not functioning properly.

large & small intestine

Can Reflexology Help?

When we are thinking of cures for diarrhea and diarrhea treatment, we think that the best way to treat it would be by going on a pill popping spree. But there are more holistic and natural methods of treating diarrhea without the usual side-effects like stopping the regular bowel movements for a day or two. If you massage the following points you can give yourself relief and respite from the disease.

  • Point 1 also called abdominal sorrow – just below the boundary of the rib cage. It helps in things like abdominal cramps, ulcer pain, appetite problems, and indigestion besides diarrhea.
  • Point 2 also called sea of energy – Two finger widths directly below the belly button. It helps to get relief from chronic diarrhea constipation and flatulence. It also helps in strengthening the abdominal muscles. Massaging these acupuncture pressure points can help the patients to a great extent.


  • Point 3 also known as three mile point. Four finger widths below the knee cap and one finger gap on the outside of the shinbone. If you reach the correct spot you would find a muscle flexing as you move the foot in an upward direction and downward direction. It is a potent point for helping with the digestion toning the muscles and helps with the stomach disorders.
  • Point 4 at the juncture of the big and second toes. It’s also called travel between. It cures diarrhea, stomach pains, and nausea. So acupressure for diarrhea can be considered an effective treatment for diarrhea.
  • Point 5 or Grandfather Grandson on the arch of the foot and the back position of the ball of the foot. It is an effective treatment for diarrhea indigestion stomach pain and nausea.

Acupressure points for diarrhea can be kneaded lightly and could provide some quick relief to have just after a few minutes.  This is safe to use for almost anyone except pregnant women, as they might experience abdominal cramps. Just finish your treatment with copious amounts of water to flush out the accumulated toxins in the body. Reflexology can indeed be regarded as an effective cure for diarrhea. A little bit of awareness can give you lasting relief if you can continue with the treatment for some time.

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