Effective Pressure Points for Female Arousal

With sexual pressure points, the powerful technique of sexual reflexology, you can have better sex with your partner. To stimulate a partner, sexual reflexology stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms by applying pressure to specific acupressure spots. Certain pressure points can be stimulated by applying hard pressure and gently massaging them in circular patterns to improve blood flow and release endorphins, which produce delightful feelings. You can have more extraordinary orgasmic experiences while lowering tension and anxiety by activating the right pressure spots. Knowing where each point is placed is essential for using sexual reflexology effectively. You may trigger the acupressure points for female arousal for fulfilling experiences with your spouse once you know where they are.

Women’s orgasms are thought to differ slightly from those of men. Although they typically last longer, achieving a climax can be challenging. Unlike men, most women need some foreplay to reach their potential. Some pressure points make the experience more enjoyable and exciting.

Erogenous Zones in Women’s Body for Acupressure

1. Governor Vessel 20 (GV 20 or DU 20) – Baihui or Crown of the Head

GV 20

Given that it is located in the middle of the top of your head, the Crown of the Head pressure point is appropriately titled. The GV 20 point is found at the intersection of a line drawn from one ear to the other and a line drawn from the forehead to the rear of the head. By lowering stress and anxiety, gently massaging this pressure point helps to soothe the mind. It stimulates the yang energy and boosts blood flow to enhance sexual excitement. The Baihui point is frequently used to treat nose problems, dizziness, and migraines. Additionally, it is frequently used to treat insomnia and depression. This area can be treated as one of the most effective pressure points for female arousal to increase blood flow and awaken the woman for the night.

2. Spleen 6 (SP 6) – Sanyinjiao

Spleen 6 acupressure point

The Spleen 6 pressure point is four finger widths above the inside of the ankle. It is one of the best pressure points for female orgasm and to improve mental serenity and relieve tension and anxiety. Stimulating this acupressure point enhances blood flow in the lower belly region to warm up the body. Enabling this region also increases sexual arousal. However, avoid this pressure spot if you’re expecting a baby because it can trigger labor and uterine contractions.

3. Stomach 30 (ST 30) – Qichong or Rushing Qi

ST30 Acupressure Point

Just above the female genitalia by the hips are the Stomach’s 30 acupressure points. The spot is located near an artery that, when stimulated, will significantly heighten sexual desire and pleasure. These pressure spots can be gently massaged to encourage greater blood flow for more potent arousal. The area is already sensitive, so there’s no need to apply excessive pressure.

4. Bladder 23 (Bl 23) – Shenshu or Sea of Vitality

Bl 23 acupressure point

The lower back contains the Bladder 23 pressure points, frequently massaged during sensual back massages. These points are two finger widths apart on either side of the spine, at the same height as the belly button. The Sea of Vitality points enhance blood and energy circulation, heightening the desire for sexual activity. Massaging the B 23 points and the B 47 points adjacent to them, you can rapidly put your spouse in a good mood.

5. Bladder 47 (B 47 or BL 47) – Will’s Chamber

BL47 Acupressure Point

Next to the B 23 points, the Bladder 47 acupressure points have many of the same advantages for increasing sexual arousal. The B47 points are four finger widths from the spine, compared to the B23 points’ two finger widths. These sex pressure points can be stimulated to improve blood flow to the female genitalia and to awaken the sex organs. To enhance the quality of your relationship with your partner, ease the soreness and stiffness in your lower back muscles.

6. Conception Vessel 6 (CV 6 or REN 6) Qihai or Sea of Qi

CV 6 Acupressure Points

The Sea of Qi pressure points three-finger widths below the belly button. This one is one of the main acupressure points that will bolster and nourish the body’s core. The belly button is an essential component of sexual enjoyment for both men and women. Belly buttons are delicate regions that are crucial to sexual satisfaction. They are the leading causes of sexual arousal. These places should only be softly massaged; these tender points don’t require a lot of pressure. Tenderness will boost your partner’s arousal and sense of intimacy.

7. Inner Thighs

Another excellent method to arouse sexual desire is to massage the inner thighs. Increased blood flow in the inner thighs, which rise to the genitals, will also heighten the desire for sex. Small circular motions with your fingertips should be used to rub the inner thighs. To exert pressure, use the points of your knuckles or your palm. This method can enhance blood flow to your genitalia and heighten pleasure. The inner thighs should be gently rubbed and stroked to stimulate blood flow and encourage sexual pleasure. The thighs can also be licked, nibbled, and kissed for excitement and pleasure.

Final Words

Both sexual reflexology and erotic massage aim to make their partners more aroused and pleasurable, but they differ in where the pressure and massage are applied. The main goal of sexual reflexology is to awaken the sexual organs by activating pressure points along the body’s energy meridians. Not just the genitals are intended to be stimulated; the entire body is as well. Moreover, acupressure for sexual healing is considered to be very effective and beneficial for the partners.

In conclusion, pressure point awareness and stimulation can be a helpful strategy for boosting female arousal and closeness. Although each person is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another, it’s crucial to be open with your spouse and address these pressure spots securely and mutually beneficially. Comfort, trust, and consent must always come first in any intimate relationship because the path to greater arousal is highly individual and subjective. By examining these pressure spots, people may discover new levels of closeness and pleasure. Still, it’s essential to remember that any personal interaction should be centered around permission, communication, and respect.

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