Discover Effective Acupressure Points to Relieve Earaches and Headache

Inflamed sinuses can occasionally produce earaches and headaches. Your ears may feel “stuffed up,” or you may experience intense throbbing behind your ears and around your temples due to sinus pressure. Massage and acupressure have been used for thousands of years to ease head and ear discomfort.

Acupressure is a complementary medical practice that relies on certain “energy points” in your body. Evidence supports the use of acupressure to treat disorders affecting the ear canal and sinus area. The acupressure points for ear are referred to as “auricular points.” In this blog, we shall understand in detail how specific acupressure points can help you get rid of earaches instantly.

Accupressure Points to Relieve Earache

In acupressure, fingers, knuckles, or elbows stimulate pressure points on various body parts. Pressure can be applied to the ear, head, neck, shoulder, and other areas to treat and prevent earaches and headaches.

For most people, performing acupressure on earache pressure points is safe and efficient. Acupressure can be performed on oneself, which prompts comfort and prevention.

In general, you can efficiently perform acupressure on the points given further in this blog by performing the following actions:

  1. Make yourself comfortable and sit down.
  2. For each pressure point, use your thumb, index finger, and middle finger. You can also use your other fingers or knuckles if those are more convenient for you, but they provide the most leverage.
  3. Apply hard, continuous pressure for 5 seconds while maintaining a steady breathing pattern.
  4. Gently massage for 2 minutes in a circular motion or up-and-down motion.
  5. The cycle can be repeated five more times.

Points to Perform Acupressure On

In acupressure, specific points on the body hold the key to alleviating various discomforts and promoting well-being. Performing acupressure on these pressure points for earache can provide relief from earaches, headaches, and related ailments.

1. Erjian or Ear Apex or EX-HN 6

EX-HN6 Acupressure Point

The Ear Apex pressure point is located in the middle of the top of the ear, or the apex. It is possible to relieve migraines, tension headaches, and earaches by stimulating this area. Make sure you lightly press down on the point. It’s a great remedy for ear discomfort and works well for headaches, especially those on the side of the head where the ear is located.

2. Third eye or forehead or EX-HN 3

EX-HN3 Acupressure Point

The “third eye” is the area between your brows and just above the bridge of your nose. Acupressure at this location may facilitate nasal drainage and ease tension in your cheek, jaw, and forehead muscles. It can also ease aches caused by migraines, sinuses, and tension. This is a common pressure point to relieve earache.

3. Base of the skull or GB20

GB20 Acupressure Point

You can encourage relaxation and ease tension in the neck and head region by gently pressing on GB20. This pressure point is located at the “hollow” or “dip” at the base of your skull, commonly referred to as the “wind mansion,” is located. As a result, the blood flow is enhanced, and the pain from earaches is reduced. As a result of the technique’s stimulation of the body’s energy flow, equilibrium is restored, and discomfort is reduced.

4. Ear gate or SJ 21

SJ-21 Acupressure Point

This acupressure point for ears is located right where your earlobe starts. Acupressure can be performed on this point to release tension that has built up in your jaw and ears. This could make it useful in treating migraine, tinnitus, ear infections, earaches, and tension headaches. Regular acupressure on the ‘Ear Gate’ can help ease earache discomfort and improve general well-being.

5. Ear apex or SJ 20

SJ-20 Acupressure Point

The ‘Ear Apex’ point is located where the top of the ear meets the scalp. This acupressure point can help blood circulation, stress reduction, and earache symptoms by applying little pressure. The use of “auricular” pressure point stimulation reduced ear pain and was successful in treating migraines. The ear apex is an auricular pressure point that is frequently used to treat earaches, migraines, and tension headaches. It is situated on the cartilage at the top of your ear. This is a great acupressure point for right earache.

6. Between thumb and forefinger of hand or LI 4

LI-4 Acupressure Point

Your thumb and forefinger’s “webbing” is where this pressure point is placed. Even though it might sound unusual, applying a pressure point on your hand to relieve a headache or earache is a well-known and often-used holistic treatment. This point is used in acupressure to treat a variety of pains, including headaches, nausea, vertigo, and digestive problems. Due to their accessibility and capacity to provide relief from a range of conditions, the Union Valley pressure points on both hands are two of the most well-liked spots. The points are on the back of your hands, in the groove between your thumb and index finger. These pressure points can be acupunctured to aid with headaches, earaches, anxiety, neck discomfort, sinus pain, and digestive problems like constipation. This pressure area should be avoided if you are pregnant because it can also start labor.

Final Words

In conclusion, acupressure can be a safe and efficient treatment for earaches. You can reduce discomfort and advance general well-being by focusing on particular acupressure points. Persistence and appropriate techniques are essential to benefit from this age-old healing therapy.

Investigating acupressure for ear pain treatment provides a holistic strategy that supports the body’s natural healing processes. As with any alternative therapy, paying attention to your body, speaking with a medical expert, and ensuring that acupressure fits in with your regular health routine is important. Accept acupressure’s healing abilities and work toward achieving a pain-free, balanced state of being.

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