Acupressure Points for Hair Growth: What They Are and How to Use Them

Most of us experience the issue of hair loss, which is a significant side effect of living in the present. Even while genetics, an inconsistent hair care routine, or disease can cause hair loss, the truth is that it has a profoundly negative impact on all of us. Lumps of hair left behind in the toilet or on the pillow are heartbreaking, but they also signal a serious issue. A difficulty that, if not resolved quickly, could have serious consequences. A consistent massage of acupressure points for hair growth encourages a steady flow of blood to the scalp. Additionally, cleaning the scalp of toxins and dead skin cells strengthens the hair follicles and promotes the quicker and more vigorous growth of new hair.

What are the Acupressure Points for Hair Growth?

Applying pressure to specific body spots to obtain certain results is known as acupressure. According to science, a decent scalp massage can increase blood flow and accelerate hair development. Traditional Chinese medicine uses the acupressure technique. It harnesses the movement of energy to solve a variety of problems. It is based on the idea that the body’s meridian system contains specific acupoints. These meridians connect specific organs by allowing energy, qi or chi, to flow across them. Some effective acupressure for hair growth points is:

1. Paihui point (GV20)

Paihui point (GV20)

Paihui, found near the top of the skull, is thought to enhance cerebral blood flow. According to the notion, increased blood flow to the head encourages good hair growth. Therefore, increasing blood flow to the head by gently pressing this point with your finger will promote healthy hair growth. The Paihui can also be pressed with ten toothpicks tied together with a rubber band in place of finger pressure. Apply soft but firm five-finger pressure with a massage motion to the entire head after applying pressure to Paihui for two to three minutes. This is one of the greatest acupressure points on the head for hair growth.

2. GV12 and GV14

GV12 14 Acupressure Point

Similarly, controlling vessel meridians 12 and 14 and acupressure points for hair growth and thickness, GV12 and GV14 are on the head. GV 12 is situated immediately beneath T3’s spinous process. In between the shoulder blades is a thoracic vertebra called this one. GV 14 is directly below C7’s spinous process. The broad approach of this cervical vertebrae extends posteriorly toward the skin on the back of the neck. This spinous process may be plainly seen and felt at the base of the neck.

3. LI11

LI11 Pressure Point

The LI11 acupressure point, which corresponds to the large intestine, is below the first lumbar vertebra. Additionally, it is reachable with your fingertip. Press a point 1mm away from the nail’s corner on the thumb side of the index finger. Every day, once every day, press the point for around two to three minutes. This is one of the most effective hair growth acupressure points in hand.

4. BL13

BL13 Acupressure Point

Three fingers should be placed at the scapula level, between the spine and shoulder blade, and pressed or rubbed firmly. On the opposite side of the divide, repeat the procedure. When stressed out, this is very good at calming you down. Every day, for 2-3 minutes each, massage or apply finger pressure to all the locations listed above as needed. Remember to breathe comfortably when performing acupressure for hair growth, attempt to feel any physical changes, and repeat the procedure on the spots on the opposite side.

5. LU6, LU7, LU9

Lu 6 7 9 Acupressure Point

The Lung Meridian has all three acupressure points.

  • LU6 This acupressure point is situated 5 cms (the width of your thumb at the knuckle) under the elbow crease and 7 cms above the wrist crease on the inside of the forearm. Press firmly but softly on the nearby muscle pit for two to three minutes daily.
  • LU7 By placing your index finger on the inner arm and crossing your two thumbs, you can locate this acupressure point, which points to LU7.
  • LU9 The wrist crease just in front of the thumb, in the top groove, is where this acupressure point is situated.
  • These are effective and the most recommended acupressure points for fast hair growth.

Is Acupressure Safe?

Even though acupressure has a few adverse effects, it is generally regarded as harmless. After an acupressure treatment, some people may experience dizziness or soreness. Before doing acupressure, people who have arthritis, are recovering from cancer, or are pregnant should speak with a doctor. A specialist should perform the acupressure since it concentrates on pressure spots that connect the nerves.

All ages can attempt this, however pregnant women and those with high blood pressure shouldn’t since it could trigger certain spots that could be harmful. This form of therapy has no potential adverse effects because it is all-natural. The scalp will benefit from receiving a quality acupressure treatment from a qualified and experienced expert in this field. Acupressure is undoubtedly the most effective approach of all the unconventional ways to treat hair loss because it doesn’t include any chemicals and is definitely worth a go.

Final Words

Finally, knowing the acupressure points for hair growth can be helpful and all-natural to encourage thicker, healthier, and glossy hair. These particular pressure sites can be stimulated to improve blood flow to the scalp, rejuvenate hair follicles, and possibly even lessen hair loss. A comprehensive approach to hair care should be used with acupressure to maximize results. Head acupressure points for hair growth offer a non-invasive and affordable option for people wishing to increase the health and vitality of their hair.

Individual results may differ. Therefore, it’s vital to remember that acupressure should be used consistently over time to experience any potential advantages. A registered acupuncturist or a healthcare expert can also offer helpful advice and ensure you effectively focus on the right pressure points.

Incorporating acupressure into your hair care routine can be a soothing and natural way to encourage hair growth while enhancing your general well-being. For the best outcomes on your path to having vibrant and attractive hair, combine acupressure with a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, and appropriate hair care.

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